Design Dissertation – Presentation – Friday 28 September 2012

Design Dissertation – Presentation – Friday 28 September 2012

On the first of your Design Dissertation course in September you will have to give a  Pecha Kucha* style presentation of the research you have completed over the summer.

In this presentation you will tell us:

1. The title of your dissertation and the lead question, if different.

Any other questions you think will be pertinent to your project.

2. Why you have chosen this subject for your research? What motivated you to choose it? What is it in it for your? How will it affect your thinking about your design studio practice?

3. The “Broader survey” which indicates what has already been said about this topic. This will be the general outline of where your topic has already been discussed. This will lead on to your more specific ‘literature/practice review.’

4. What research you have done over the summer. What books you have read, what websites you have visited, and what you thought of these sources. These will form a part of the literature/practice review we will aske you to write and contribute to the ‘annotated bibliography’ you will have to present at the end of your dissertation.

5. Lastly you will have to shows us a plan of action for the term’s work, showing us how your research will be carried out and who you are thinking of contacting to help you with your research.

The presentation should be fully illustrated.

= 20 “images/texts for maximum of 20 seconds each = 6mins 40secs max


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